The Mission of Mexico Outreach

The mission of Mexico Outreach (MXO) is to strengthen the Church in primarily the most southern state of Mexico called Chiapas as the Gospel is exploding among the people. This is being done by coming along side the churches and Christian leaders in the area and helping them as they minister to the people.  MXO assists in building church buildings and homes, organizing conferences and outreaches for all ages, ministering to the widows and orphans, hosting medical campaigns in various villages, and training the leaders of the Church through the foundational teachings of the Bible school,  Instituto Biblico Internacional.

The Culture

Even though Chiapas is very rich in resources, it has the lowest per capita income of any Mexican state.  Many of the families still reside in one-room homes and live off the land.  Yet, these are some of the happiest, most gracious people you will ever encounter.

Mexico Outreach has worked primarily in Chiapas but has recently expanded to some of the surrounding areas.  In addition to the typical Mexican population, Chiapas consists of various indigenous groups that have retained their dialects and many of their customs. In past years these groups have been some of the most closed to the Gospel message.  The Bible has only been translated into these dialects in recent decades.  Due to the seeds of the Gospel that have been consistently planted in the area over recent history, they are now seeing explosive growth in the Church.  

Russell and Charlotte Linscombe

Our Story

In January of 1986, a short term mission trip to a border town in Mexico turned into a life time of missionary work for Russell and Charlotte Linscombe.  After visiting the country and falling in love with its people, they moved their family which included two sons, Jason and Jordan, to Atoyac, Guerrero to work full-time alongside missionaries Larry and Mary Lou Myers of Mexico Ministries.  During these early years, a visit to Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico, brought about a life changing experience which led them to eventually relocate in this area.  Several years ago, to better prepare for the future, Larry encouraged Russell and Charlotte to start their own non-profit ministry organization which led to the birth of Mexico Outreach.